Kindness Never Runs Out Of Batteries

, | Hopeless | January 24, 2017

(Less than two weeks after my husband and I are married he loses his job. Our rainy day fund is lost to car repairs and vet bills, and my income barely covers the rent and utilities. After a few months his car is repossessed and our living style drastically changes. We hit problem after problem, and just as the cold winter weather hits I lose all heat in my car and my battery dies. After selling some personal possessions I go to the auto store to finally get a new car battery.)

Salesman: *after grabbing the battery I need* “Hey, don’t I know you?”

Me: “I’m not certain… You look familiar.”

Salesman: “Yeah! We worked at [Retailer] together! You’re [My Name], right?”

Me: “Yeah. Wow, you remember that? That was almost a decade ago.”

Salesman: “I finally left that place and came here for the management position. Decided to be assistant manager instead. Let’s go test that battery of yours to make sure it’s really shot before I go sell you some expensive thing you don’t need.”

(We step out and talk a bit about our prior and current work while he tests my battery. It checks out good, so he tests the alternator. Everything seems great and yet my car still has a lot of trouble starting.)

Salesman: “You know what? I’ve got a hunch even though the battery is testing okay that still might be an issue. Tell you what: Your battery is out of warranty, but I’m going to see what I can do to get you a new one and we’ll try it out to see if that helps.”

(After a few minutes he rang the new battery out and approved an even exchange, despite the warranty not covering it, and got it installed. Sure enough, my car started right up as if nothing was ever wrong. He wished me luck and saw me off, never charging me a penny for the battery or the time. I don’t think he realized how much he helped me as I was crying on the way home. I don’t know how he remembered me, or why he helped me, but I can’t thank him enough. Because of him I was able to get to and from work on my own, afford food for the week, and catch up on a bill, and the following week my husband found a new job!)

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