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Kindness Is The Best Therapy

, , , | Hopeless | November 30, 2016

My son is three. I have to take two buses every Tuesday to get my son to therapy, and then take two buses back. This day he is not in a good mood, and he has already had one meltdown. While trying to calm him down, I end up getting my face scratched, and he ends up having another meltdown during therapy. By the time his three hours are up I put him in the stroller to walk to catch the bus. While waiting for the bus, my son starts crying, so I pick him up and he passes out cold.

A man approaches; I smile and nod. We don’t really say anything to each other. The bus pulls up. As I go to step onto the bus, carrying my sleeping child, the bag, and the stroller, my legs start to go out from underneath me. The bus driver jumps up and grabs my son; the man behind me grabs my arm to help me.

I thank them both, as I take my son back and make my way to the seat. The other man sits across from me. As we reach the first stop my son is up and able to walk onto the other bus.

When we finally get to the last stop, a woman reaches over and takes my hand and says “Please, let me carry this for you.” I smile. After we get off the bus, she gives me a hug and says good luck, and walks off.

It may not seem like much, but the simple kindness showed to me and my child that day meant the world to me.

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