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Kindness Is The Best Snack

, , , , , | Right | January 1, 2022

I work in Los Angeles but live a couple of counties over as the result of a recent move. On the most direct route, my evening commute home averages about two hours. Sometimes I have to get off the highway partway through to find a restroom.

On this day, I’ve just gotten past a thirty-four-minute slowdown caused by a crash that involved a couple of semis, and I desperately need a restroom, so I stop by a certain popular chain coffee shop near the highway.

After finishing my business, I hop in line to make a purchase — I’ve worked both retail and customer service and know that a lot of places get cranky about people using their restrooms without buying anything — and get to chatting with a very friendly barista.

Me: “Yeah, I just wanted to make a purchase to justify using your bathroom.”

Barista: “Ah, you don’t need to worry about that!”

Me: “Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s just that I have a two-hour commute home—”

Barista: *Looks horrified* “Oh! So, you need a snack!”

Me: “Pretty much, yeah.”

We commiserated a bit about said commute as I purchased a brownie, and I left a decent tip since I had cash and he’d been very sweet and cheerful in serving me. He gave me the little paper bag with my brownie in it and I absently noticed as I walked off that it was a bit heavier than usual. Peeking inside, I discovered that the barista had given me a second brownie!

Thank you, kind sir, for such a sweet gesture to brighten up such an awful commute! I’m currently looking for a job closer to home, but I’ll never forget that awesome barista!

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