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Kindness In Bloom, Part 3

, , , | Right | April 6, 2022

I work in a boutique store that only sells products made by the company that owns it. Our customers can be a tough and demanding crowd.

On a slow day, a customer I’ve never seen before comes in with an expensive item made by our company that her boyfriend has given to her for a recent occasion. The item has just broken. She is distressed about the situation but is polite and undemanding.

Customer: “Can this be fixed, and what would it cost?”

After examining her item, I determined that it was defective, and per our store policy, I exchanged it for a new one. She left, pleased with the outcome. I thought no more about it because to me it was an ordinary transaction.

A few days later, the customer came into the store clutching a paper bundle. I was afraid there might be a problem with her replacement item, but not so! She had brought me a large bouquet of flowers to thank me for helping her the week before!

I thanked her profusely and she left.

I never saw her again. Her gratitude and appreciation made me humble because I really was just doing my job. She showed me that you never know when your actions might make someone’s day.

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