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Kind Strangers Make It Worth “Working Here” Even When You Don’t

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Mossemannen | September 25, 2021

I was in a liquor store pacing the aisles for a bottle of adult juice. I like dressing in black: shoes, jeans, leather jacket, and mask, all black. All employees in this store were wearing red/maroon jackets. As I was browsing the shelves, this older woman came over to me and asked in a really soft, but still disappointed tone:

Woman: “You don’t work here, do you?”

Me: “I sure don’t, but can I be of any assistance?”

Woman: “I need a bottle of [Brand] and I can’t find it. Getting old is hard; my eyes aren’t as good as they once were.”

Me: “Of course, I’ll help you. That will be my pleasure.”

I had a look and browsed up and down and side to side, but I couldn’t find it.

Woman: “That’s okay. I really wanted it for my son, but they might not have it in stock; it’s kind of expensive and special.”

Me: “Hold on. I’ll ask someone who actually does work here; they might have a look on their computer and check their stock on it.”

I went over to the till and asked the man sitting comfortably on his chair and asked him. He looked it up.

Employee: “Yes, we have one bottle in stock, but that probably isn’t the one you’re looking for; it is an extra special edition and extra expensive.”

Then, he pointed toward where it should sit on the shelf. He couldn’t leave his till, of course, because of customer flow. I went over to where he pointed and grabbed the bottle and showed it to the sweet old lady and told her what I just had been told. She brightened up.

Woman: *Happily* “That’s exactly what I was looking for!”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Woman: *Nodding* “That sounds about right. Thank you so much! I’m sorry for having to bother you.”

Me: “Actually, this made my day! These days, I hardly talk to anyone, and helping someone as nice as you has been a pleasure.”

Then, we went to the till and paid and went our separate ways. I couldn’t see her smile because of her mask, but I’m sure she had one; I sure did.