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Kind Gestures Create Lasting Memories

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I have been working at my store for fourteen years. I’ve seen new babies and children growing up, but sometimes I forget just how long I’ve been here.

One day, I am sitting in the breakroom and a bunch of new hires come in on break from their tour of the store. One of the teenagers comes over to me.

Teen: “Hey, [My Name]!”

I’m still wearing my nametag so I just assume that is how he knows my name. I smile at him.

Me: “Hey! Welcome to the store.”

Teen: “You probably don’t remember me, do you?”

Me: “Um… no… I’m sorry.”

Teen: *Grins* “I have been coming through your line since I was about five years old.”

And then I felt old! But I eventually did remember him. When he was five or so, he came in with his mom to buy groceries. He had this little toy horse that was on wheels that he could pull behind him. The mom was $1 short in order to get it and she told him he would have to put it back. He didn’t scream or throw a fit; he just looked heartbroken as he handed me the toy. I felt so bad that I gave her the $1 she needed in order to afford her groceries and the toy. Apparently, he never forgot. He’s still a super sweet guy.

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