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Kind Customers Will Help You Weather The Storm

, , , , , | Working | February 20, 2022

I’m the overnight cashier at a popular fast food place. Our lobby is closed, so I am on drive-thru in addition to washing dishes and many other tasks. There’s already water on the floor when I get there because the day shift doesn’t care. I have non-slip shoes, but I haven’t had time to mop yet and it’s winter.

I’m washing when I get a headset beep. I quickly dry my hands on my already drenched uniform — that I have to walk home in — and click it on as I carefully hurry to the window.

Me: “Welcome to [Rest—] Gyaaaaah!”

This was followed by a wet splat.

I pinched my arthritic knee and managed about ten apologies as the customer breathlessly asked me if I was okay. I limped to the window and smiled into the Arctic blast, extremely thankful it was a regular couple who likewise had hard jobs that made them ache for weeks.

We chatted for a bit as I put their order in and discreetly asked our cook to throw in some goodies on me. They made sure I was okay and fussed at my manager for making me work in such conditions. Unfortunately, it was hard to hide my drowned rat attire at that moment.

The good news! Apparently, they weren’t the first or last to notice our blue lips and quivering hands. The owners would only let us wear company coats, which cost more than an average fast food worker sees in a month. It wasn’t long until a new set of rules came down: we could wear “civilian” winter apparel, and people at the drive-thru were rotated every two hours. 

I became a manager and made sure my folks had free hot drinks and plenty of breaks as the snows came in. It’s funny how great employees are when you treat them like human beings. I vow to do whatever I can to take care of those I’m in charge of, no matter the weather.

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