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I have an irrational hatred of tuxedos, always have had. So, I make every attempt to evade wearing one and basically destroy every photo of myself in one. My usual methods of evasion include wearing a Santa outfit to Christmas balls, talking my relatives into letting me wear polo shirts to their weddings, and even cross-dressing in a dress for my prom.

My high school was very pro-LGBT so they were “supportive of my decision to come out of the closet.” I just ran with that.

This really pisses off my parents, but the cross-dressing incident and the time when I wore a black trench coat to my Grandfather’s wedding was the last straw. They sat down with me and gave me a ridiculously long lecture so that I’d “see the error of my ways.”

Long story short, my parents’ argument boiled down to the idea that no woman would marry a man that refused to dress up for their wedding day, so I’d better get used to wearing a tux for every formal occasion.

My wife is Japanese. She was perfectly happy to have a Shinto wedding. We wore kimonos.

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