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Kimetsu No Higher

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The final show of the night is going in. It’s almost completely sold out and there’s only one seat left. A couple comes in: a boyfriend and girlfriend. This is shortly after marijuana has been legalized in New York and they both absolutely REEK of it — offensively so. As someone who occasionally smokes it socially, I normally don’t mind the smell, but I’m practically being punched in the sinuses with it. It borderline smells like they just got skunked.

Boyfriend: “Yoooo… what do you have playing.”

Me: “I apologize, but there’s actually only one more show tonight, and we unfortunately only have one ticket left, so I’m not sure there’s much I’ll be able to help you with.”

Girlfriend: *Starts giggling* “What is it?”

Me: “[Movie]. It’s a Japanese anime film.”

Girlfriend: *Completely butchering the pronunciation* “Ann-eee-muh-aye? What’s Ann-eee-muh-aye?”

Me: “Anime. It’s a type of animation from Japan.”

Girlfriend: “Holy cow. Ann-ee-muh-aye… Wooowww. I don’t know what that is, even.”

Me: *Repeating myself* “It’s a type of animation from Japan.”

Boyfriend: *To his girlfriend* “It’s a type of animation from Japan.”

Girlfriend: “Japanese ann-ee-muh-aye. Wow.”

Me: “But like I said, unfortunately, that’s the only thing we have going in and there’s only one more seat left.”

Boyfriend: “What else you got playing?”

Me: “[Movie] is pretty much the only thing we have playing around now. Everything else went in a while ago and has already started.”

Boyfriend: “You got [Movie that came out two months ago]?”

Me: “No, sorry. We had it, but we lost it about three weeks ago.”

Boyfriend: “D***! You got [Another Movie that came out a while back]?”

Me: “No, sorry. We had that a while ago but we also lost it.”

Boyfriend: “D***!”

Girlfriend: “What else is playing now?”

Me: “As I’ve said, [Movie] is the only movie we have going in right now.”

Girlfriend: “So, what’s it about?”

Me: “I think it’s about a kid who hunts demons.”

Girlfriend: “And it’s animated?”

Me: “Yes, it’s animated.”

Girlfriend: “Sounds interesting!”

Me: “Yeah, people seem to be enjoying it.”

Boyfriend: “You wanna see it, baby?”

Girlfriend: “Yes!”

Boyfriend: *Turning to me* “How much for two?”

Me: “Unfortunately, as I’ve said, we only have one ticket left for the showtime.”

Boyfriend: “Aww… you don’t have two tickets.”

Me: “No, we only have one.”

Girlfriend: *Begins to giggle nervously* “What else do you have that’s starting?”

Me: “That’s the only thing we have that’s starting now. We’re actually just about to close for the night.”

His mind seems to be blown.

Boyfriend: “You’re closing soon?!”

Me: “Yeah, we close fifteen minutes after the last movie starts.”

Boyfriend: “Holy crap! What time is that?”

Me: “9:15.”

Boyfriend: “And what time is it now?”

Me: “It’s about 9:05.”

Boyfriend: “Okay.”

They take a few steps back and look up at the showtime board above the box office.

Boyfriend: “I don’t see anything else on the schedule.”

Me: “That’s correct. As I’ve said, [Japanese Anime Movie] is the only thing we have going in now. Everything else has already started.”

Boyfriend: “And you don’t have two tickets.”

Me: “Yes. We only have one ticket left.”

Boyfriend: *Looking back down at me* “So like… can I ask… can we… can we come back tomorrow?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Boyfriend: *Nervous chuckle* “Can we come back tomorrow and see a movie?”

Me: “Yes, you can absolutely come back tomorrow and see a movie.”

Boyfriend: “Really? Awesome! I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to!”

He then turned and walked toward the door with his girlfriend, who by this point had a severe case of the giggles and wouldn’t stop laughing. I really hope I don’t get this stupid when I partake.

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