Killing The Friendship

| Friendly | February 5, 2014

(While still in high school, me and a couple friends are having a sleep over and watching scary movies. The movie shows the killer has trapped two friends in a room and lunges after one of them. During the lunge, the other friend runs out the room leaving the other one behind. After seeing this, this exchange happens.)

Me: “Oh my god! That’s so horrible!”

Friend: “What? The way he killed the guy?”

Me: “No! She just left her friend to be murdered!”

Friend: “So? I’d do the same thing.”

Me: “But the guy wasn’t even dead yet, and it was two against one! What are you saying, you’re saying if we were in that situation and the killer started to attack me, you would leave me behind?”

Friend: “I would if I knew you were as good as dead.”

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