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Kill Them With Kindness

, | Right | December 27, 2007

Me: “Thank you for calling [Tech Support]. How can I help?”

Customer: *very irate* “Yeah! I didn’t pay my Internet bill and now it’s saying my account is suspended and I want to know why!”

Me: “Okay, you didn’t pay your bill, we suspended your account, and you would like to know why?”

Customer: “Yes! Why? Why did you suspend it?”

Me: “All right, let me take a look here… My system shows it suspended the account because you didn’t pay the last bill we sent.”

Customer: “I know I didn’t pay the bill! Have a little f****** sympathy here! Are you customer service?”

Me: “I’m tech support.”

Customer: “Where is customer service at?!”

Me: “Our billing department handles all our customer service issues. I’ll transfer you down to them.”

Customer: “You’re acting like a real a**hole; you know that? You need to have more empathy for people!”

Me: *in the most uppity happy-go-lucky voice ever conceived; I almost gagged from bringing so much joy up* “You have yourself a fabulously sunshine-filled day, sir!”

Customer: “WHAT’S YOUR F****** NA–” *click*

(Gotta love that transfer button…)