Kids Teaching Parents How To Read

, , , , | Right | January 26, 2020

(While waiting for our food at a popular family fast food place with a play place for the kids, I sit near another mom and her six-year-old daughter.)

Daughter: “Those kids took their toys in the play place but they aren’t supposed to.”

Mom: “Says who? I make the rules and I say you can.”

(There is a huge sign at eye level with all the rules of the playground, one of them stating that no toys are allowed. Mom keeps trying to convince her daughter to take her toy in, so the girl actually GRABS HER MOM’S HAND and TAKES HER OVER TO THE SIGN.)

Mom: “Oh. Well… they must mean no toys from home. Why else would they give you a toy with your meal? You can take that one in; I say you can.”

(Three minutes later, someone she knows is trying to come in through the emergency exit door. It’s locked from the outside, so, despite the red sign at eye level glued to the door saying, “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY, ALARM WILL SOUND IF OPENED,” she opens the door.)

Mom: *as the alarm is going off* “Why don’t they put a stop sign on it or something? How are we supposed to know we can’t use that as a normal door?”

(Lady. Please. Just go home. You’ve had a long day.)

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