Kids Say The Darndest Things

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Introducing Weekend Roundups: each week, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite stories from the Not Always Related archives.

Kids Saw The Darndest Things! This week, we share five stories where kids surprise us with their vocabulary and their veracity!

  1. Hymn No. 2:
    There’s nothing wrong with telling mom about your bathroom activities…except when it’s in front of the entire church.
  2. Literally Scream For Ice Cream:
    There’s learning vocabulary, and then there’s massacring it.
  3. Tainted Love:
    Today, I learned that forgiveness comes before foul smelling messes.
  4. Like Son, Like Father:
    And we wonder where he gets his mouth from…
  5. Kids Love Kisses, Cuddles, And Face-Huggers:
    Can you spell i-n-a-p-p-r-o-p-r-i-a-t-e?
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