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Kids Put Urine To A Tight Spot

| Related | January 31, 2012

(We have just landed in rough weather and the plane is still shaking violently as we taxi in. The seat belt lights are on and the stewardess has again told everyone to remain seated. The little boy across the aisle wakes up suddenly, with panic on his face.)

Boy: “Mommy, I need to go.”

Mother: “Just sit still. We are nearly there.”

(The boy tries to squirm free, despite his mother keeping a tight hold on him.)

Boy: “But, I need to go to the toilet now.”

Mother: “Just wait. We have to stay in our seats.”

(The little boy’s face is now bright red, and he shouts at the top of his voice.)

Boy: “Mommy, some of my pee-pee is coming out, now!”

(Realizing catastrophe is imminent, she does what only a mother could: she grabs him and runs zigzag down the aisle to the toilet.)

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