Kids Love To Talk Smack

| Related | January 15, 2014

(My girlfriend lives with her family in another town, so I’ve gone to hang out for the weekend. We’re having dinner, and she establishes she has to work the next day. Her brother will be at cricket and her mother and sister are going to another town about 30 minutes out for a few hours, leaving her eight-year-old-brother with nothing to do. I offer to look after him for the morning so he won’t be bored.)

Eight-Year-Old Brother: *dramatically sighing* “What am I going to do with [My Name] all day? I guess we could watch TV or play computer games. Maybe he could help me get past the level in [Game].”

(Suddenly, his eyes light up and he turns to his mother.)

Eight-Year-Old Brother: “Mum! If [My Name] is naughty, do I get to smack him with the wooden spoon?”

(Fortunately we kept busy the whole time and I didn’t get smacked!)

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