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Kids Love A Good Poly-tickle

| Related | January 28, 2015

(My sister and I are discussing President Obama when my eight-year-old daughter butts in.)

Daughter: “I don’t like the president; he’s mean. He promised to help the…” *her face is screwed up as she thinks about what she’s trying to say* “…the coal miners get jobs but they’re still all unemployed!”

(I have a dumbfounded look on my face, as I never expected something of that nature from my daughter’s mouth. My sister, on the other hand, isn’t crazy about her niece’s response.)

Sister: “That’s just weird that you know that, [Niece].”

Me: “I think it’s pretty awesome that my eight-year-old is confident enough to speak her mind to adults about politics.”

Daughter: “What’s a politic?”

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