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Kids Like That Make You Want To Rip Your Hair Out

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I go to high school with a guy who describes himself as an “activist”. What cause he is an activist for is a mystery and seems to change with the conversation, frequently advocating for contradictory points. He also isn’t involved in any of the activist clubs or groups at the school. The only constant seems to be his desire to disagree with or be offended by everyone who interacts with him. It’s also relevant that he has long hair that reaches halfway down his back.

My school is running a program to try and show students non-four-year-degree career paths. One of the opportunities the program offers is the chance to tour a working machine shop and learn some basics about how the machines work, how to get into the field, etc. We are about to go on a tour of the shop floor.

Machinist: “All right, guys, we are going to show you all the machines we have here. But before we get started, we need to do something about your hair. We can’t—”

[Activist] cuts him off.

Activist: “That’s bulls***. What, just ‘cause I’m a guy, I shouldn’t have long hair? What the h*** kind of 1950s toxic masculinity horse crap are you trying to pull? My hair doesn’t make me less of a man, you Neanderthal!” 

The rant continues for a while with the machinist just calmly standing there listening. Finally, he gets a chance to speak.

Machinist: “Frankly, I don’t give a d*** about your fashion choices. No loose hair is allowed on the shop floor. That lathe over there is spinning at several hundred RPM right now, and it’s going to keep spinning at several hundred RPM whether your scalp is attached to it or not. Safety in this shop is and always will be the priority.” 

The “activist” just sputtered some angry response, claimed the machinist was just trying to backpedal and that he knew the “truth”, and then stormed out in protest. But at least the rest of us got to enjoy a very cool tour.

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