Kids Grab The Darndest Things

, , , , | Learning | October 24, 2017

(I work in a daycare in the toddler room. I work the closing shift, meaning a floater and I are usually there by ourselves from about 4:30 on. Today, we have only a couple kids left, which gives us a chance to interact one-on-one. I am hanging out with one of our more precocious two-year-olds. She is sitting on my lap, facing me. She is expecting a little brother or sister at home, and is talking to me about it. She segues into talking about breastfeeding, since her parents have explained this is how the baby will eat; this is not unusual for our clientele. Unfortunately, toddlers have zero concept of modesty or personal space, and this happens:)

Little Girl: “Mommy will feed the baby with her boobies.”

Me: “Really?”

Little Girl: “Uh-huh.” *without warning, she reaches out to grab mine through my shirt* “Do you got boobies?”

Me: “…”

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