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Kids Drain You Of All Your Power

, , , , , | Right | February 3, 2021

I am grocery shopping with my son. I don’t have my debit card on hand but I have one of those digital pay services that I know is accepted at the store. They also have an ATM you can access without your card through online banking. I have used both these options before and never had a problem.

Halfway through shopping, my son gets restless and decides to turn into a banshee, so I hand him the phone to put on a video. Finally, I am done picking everything out and we get to the checkout. I go to pay and realize my phone is dead!

Somehow, my son remained calm after it died, so I had no clue until paying. I am terribly embarrassed and kind of panicking as this is my only form of payment.

The cashier suspends my stuff and puts it to the side, lets me keep the receipt so it doesn’t get lost, and even goes to find a manager so she can get a charger for me to finish the transaction!

To the lady who truly cares about her job and helped me out, you are my rockstar. I sat for fifteen minutes using their charger and completed my transaction just because someone cared enough to help out. I feel like a complete idiot, but a grateful one.

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