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Kids Don’t Mess Around

| Related | July 25, 2016

(My kids and I live with my elderly mom to help keep an eye on things, give her a ride to doctor’s appts, cook, clean, and generally make sure she doesn’t set the house on fire. With her failing eyesight, it can be hard for her to notice when she makes a mess and I end up most times cleaning up after her instead of making a fuss at her about it. This day, I’m the one that made a mess, sending coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor. My eleven-year-old daughter witnesses the accident.)

Daughter: “You made a mess, mom!”

Me: “Yes, I did. But at least I clean up after myself.”

Daughter: “Not like Grandma!”

(Oops! Guess I better watch what I’m mumbling about when I’m cleaning up after my mom. I’m just thankful my mom wasn’t anywhere around to hear that golden kid moment!)

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