Key-Chain Of Events Kick-Started By 99 Cents

, , | Right | November 29, 2018

(I work at a very popular amusement park, in the largest store in the park. My supervisor doesn’t like signs cluttering the floor, so everyone has had to memorize all the pieces. Sometimes we get fed up and take a sharpie and write the price on top of a display.)

Guest: *as I’m ringing her up* “Wait, aren’t these keychains 99 cents?”

Me: “No, they’re $8.99.”

Guest: “The sign says 99 cents. Why would I buy $8.99 key chains?”

(I follow her to the sign, and although the eight has faded there, it is a dollar sign, not a cent sign, in front of the 99, as well as a gap big enough that a reasonable person would assume another number would be there.)

Me: “No, ma’am, it’s $8.99.”

(I took a sharpie and filled the eight in more. She went ballistic because I guess she thought I was lying and was adding the eight in later. She went and grabbed my team lead, who told her we aren’t allowed to override prices. She stormed out, and we thought we’d seen the last of her. Later that night she came back with my manager, who told us to change the price. My team lead did — we can change prices but it’s frowned upon. The customer gave us such a smug look, but like, congratulations; you’ve gotten five cheap key chains. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Why do people make such a big stink over something small? Also, I hate when managers override you when you’ve told the guest the ACTUAL policy. It just shows that if you cry, you’ll get your way.)

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