Keeps Using Stalin For Stalling

| UK | Learning | June 5, 2014

(My class is writing essays on Stalin’s rise to power. Our history teacher, whilst a very good teacher, is very open about how great he thinks Stalin was.)

Student #1: “[Teacher], if I write ‘I love Stalin’ at the top of my work, will I get a [highest mark]?

Teacher: “No—”

Student #1: “Everyone, just write ‘I love Stalin’! Then we’ll all get [highest mark]!”

(This goes on a little until another student overhears Student #2 discussing with a friend.)

Student #2: *loudly* “[Student #1], did you just say ‘Stalin was a sneaky little jerk’?”

Student #1: “What? I—”

Student #3: “Ooh, you will so get [fail grade]!”

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