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Keeping Up With The Joneses… Er… The Competitors

, , , , , | Working | November 17, 2021

I do marketing campaigns for a small company. The company barely has any money but does have a boss who thinks he can get everything because he owns the world. I have to launch and maintain a Facebook page for one of their products, while he keeps me busy with a million other things. I am the only one who does marketing because the boss doesn’t (and won’t) invest in more manpower.

Boss: “Do something that will get us more likes for our product page on Facebook. Also, we have no budget.”

I do the best I can in the little time I have without money for an ad campaign. That means doing everything by hand, from liking other pages and researching, to commenting on postings that could be of interest to us, to sending out dozens of PMs and emails, trying to get peoples’ attention.

A few weeks later, we have the first revision of the project:

Boss: “Why do we only have a few hundred likes on Facebook? [Competitor] has several thousand!”

Helpful Employee: “Maybe it’s because [Competitor] has two people working full-time on the same stuff [My Name] does in a quarter of the time because you won’t pay him more, as well as a budget of several thousand Euros whereas we have none?”

The boss huffed and puffed and left the table, mumbling something about the competitor having several thousand likes and why he can’t have that. I’m glad I stopped working for them and cut contact (except for [Helpful Employee], who’s still a friend of mine).

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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