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Keeping Those Daddy Issues In Sight

| Related | May 18, 2017

(A coworker is notorious for refusing to wear her glasses, and she can barely see without them.)

Coworker: “There’s this creep following me around and trying to talk to me. Can you try get rid of him? I finish in five minutes and don’t want him to follow me out.”

Me: “Oh, sure.”

(She points in his general direction and heads into the back to get ready to leave. I try to suss out who she meant and I eventually distract a guy to go to the other side of the store. Then she comes out.)

Coworker: “Is that you, [My Name]? Thanks for the help… OH, MY GOD! He’s there! I thought you said you’d get rid of him.”

Me: “I thought I did!”

Coworker: “Yeah, well he’s right there!”

Me: “Where?”

Coworker: “The guy in blue.”

Me: “[Coworker], that’s your dad!”

(She gave me an incredulous look and stormed up to him. She grabbed his head and got so close their noses almost touched.)

Coworker: “Oh, I guess you’re right. See you tomorrow!”

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