Keeping Sense At Arm’s Length

| Working | February 16, 2014

(My mother has broken an arm during her vacation, and will need help to get her suitcase off the luggage carrousel and out the airport at arrival. I’m calling the airline to ask for it since she can’t do it from where she is.)

Me: “Hello. My mum is coming back Tuesday on [flight] from Zurich to Geneva and she’s broken her arm. Is there any way I can get into the luggage zone to help her with her suitcase?”

Airline Rep: “No, Madam. It’s completely impossible. We can offer wheelchair assistance though.”

Me: Okay, but it’s her arm that’s broken, not her leg.”

Airline Rep: “Madam, it’s a wheelchair or nothing.”

Me: “Okay, then. We’d like assistance at Geneva, please.”

Airline Rep: “I’ve booked it in Zurich and Geneva.”

Me: “But she doesn’t need it in Zurich. She won’t even have her suitcase there. She’s coming back from Sydney via Singapore & Zurich.”

Airline Rep: “It’s all booked, madam. Thank you and goodbye.”

(Guess who had to tell Mum she’d be wheeled around in two airports for just a broken arm!)

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