Keeping Pace With The Comments

, , , | Working | June 12, 2017

(I work in a store that has a tech counter. One day, while I’m working the register, I slip into the office to change my walkie-talkie, as mine has died. I overhear this gem between one of my managers and a tech while in there.)

Manager: *checking old records in the computer* “We can’t do anything for him. He hasn’t made a purchase here since 2013. That’s why he doesn’t have any coupons.”

Tech: “Well, can we give him a manager coupon? The guy’s about to blow his pacemaker.”

(The manager laughs so hard she almost chokes on the soda she’s sipping.)

Tech: “Seriously. I don’t want to stand too close to him; I think his blood pressure’s getting so high the mic in the walkie might just be enough to set it off.”

(I had to get back on register. I have no idea if the tech convinced her to swing a coupon.)

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