Keeping A Low Police-Profile

, , , , | Working | December 18, 2017

(My manager is an ex-cop, and lets me call the police if I have any problems. I work the overnight shift in a bad part of town. One day, a stranger comes in, acting aggressively, and demands that I open my till and give him money. I’m reasonably frightened because though I tell him to leave, he doesn’t listen. So I call the police to escort him out. Afterwards…)

Manager: “Was this guy really that scary?”

Me: “He kept demanding that I give him money. I thought he was a robber!”

Manager: *looks sceptical*

Me: “It was two in the morning!”

Manager: “Yes, but now all my cop friends are laughing at me!”

(Figuring out that the manager cared more about what his friends thought than of my own safety, I quit a few months later.)

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