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Keeping In (Birth) Control Of Your Pronouns

| Working | May 12, 2017

(I am seeing a doctor for the second time, and as such, she knows about my relationship status. I am there to get back on birth control, which I was not on for a few years because I had genital pain.)

Doctor: “Why do you want to get on birth control?”

Me: “Well, it looks like I will be able to be intimate again soon, and with my girlfriend getting on estrogen I don’t know how much longer we have to try so I’d like to be ready.”

Doctor: “What is your girlfriend on estrogen for?”

Me: “She’s transitioning.”

Doctor: “She’s trans? Wouldn’t that mean she’s on testosterone?”

Me: “No, she’s on estrogen.”

Doctor: “Is she a man transitioning to a woman or a woman transitioning to a man?”

Me: “She’s transitioning to a woman. Hence the estrogen, pronouns, and my concern about not wanting her to get me pregnant.”

Doctor: “Oh, I understand now. Sorry, all these new words confuse me.”

(Me, too, but I’m still not sure how it wasn’t obvious in context.)

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