Keeping Easter Sweet

| Related | November 9, 2013

(Both my sister and I are a bit old to believe in the Easter bunny, but because it’s tradition and I never outright said I don’t believe, my older sister and I still like our mom to hide Easter candy for us. It is nearly Easter, and we are at the pharmacy store when we see a display of Easter things. My mom knows we don’t really believe it, but doesn’t want to deal with it this year.)

Me: “Is the Easter bunny coming this year?”

Mom: “Oh… you still want the Easter bunny to come?”

Me: “Well, yeah! Its tradition and we have fun. If you want, I can wait outside while you pay for the stuff and ‘call the Easter bunny and remind him to come.'”

Mom: “When will you guys grow up?” *sighs* “Fine, I’ll call the rabbit later.”

(The Easter bunny came that year.)

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