Keeping Dad Close To Your Heart

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(My father is cremated following his death. A few days later, I decide to purchase a piece of “cremation jewelry,” which is a small urn that can hold a bit of cremation ashes. It is worn as a necklace on a chain. I order it to be engraved with my father’s name and the date of his death. Unfortunately, within a week of placing the order, I start to notice that I don’t have any mail in my mailbox for several days in a row. I go to the post office and it is discovered that there has been a mistake made by a postal worker. All my mail is either being held indefinitely at a main facility hours away or being returned to the sender as undeliverable. I am beside myself with grief at the time and I’m very angry with the post office. I am missing out on sympathy cards and the cremation jewelry, not to mention all my other mail. The post office reverses the error within a few days. I wait another week or so for the cremation jewelry before I call the company and explain what happened with the post office. I ask if they have received my package back.)

Worker: “I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. No, we haven’t received your order back.”

Me: “Okay, thanks for checking. I guess I’ll just continue to wait.”

Worker: “Well, let’s do this. We will send you out another jewelry piece at no charge.”

Me: “But it’s engraved. Even if the original mailing gets back to you, there is nothing you can do with it.”

Worker: “That’s okay. You shouldn’t have to have this on your mind at a time like this.”

Me: *crying* “Thank you so much!”

(Five years later, following my mother’s death, I wanted to include her ashes in the same piece of jewelry. I had misplaced the teeny screwdriver they’d sent with the piece that opens it to put the ashes in. I called to ask if I could purchase one from them. They sent it to me… free of charge! Thank you, awesome company and awesome workers!)

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