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Keeping A Receipt Of All The Scams

, , , , | Right | April 30, 2019

(A man comes in early one morning right after open and purchases a small, USB-sized device that plugs into a television so the user can access popular channels. When I hand him his receipt, he crumples it and throws it back on the counter. I suggest that he take it in case of problems since this is an electronic device that will NOT be returned without a receipt, but he just shrugs me off.)

Customer: “I’ve owned another one of this same brand for ten years and never had an issue until it died on me today, so no worries.”

(After he leaves, I write a note on the back of his receipt that he declined it and why, just in case, and put it in our folder with daily notes. I end up working a double shift that day, and right before closing time, the same guy walks in to return the same type of device he bought this morning. I explain electronics can’t be returned without a receipt and he starts giving me the runaround. He didn’t know, he wasn’t told, etc. The device he has is CLEARLY an old version of the one I sold this morning and it has actual wear and tear damage on it, so it’s pretty obvious he just kept the box and put the old dead one in there and is trying to scam us. I firmly decline to return it because of the damage to the device and his lack of receipt. He gets mad and starts yelling.)

Customer: “Are you saying I’m a scammer?! Are you calling me a liar?!

Me: “Nope! Just saying I’m the one who sold you the [Device] first thing this morning.”

(Realization slowly crept up on him and he just grabbed his stuff, thanked me, and quickly left.)