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Keep Your Cool And Reap The Rewards

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My sister, brother-in-law, and I were driving from Texas to Colorado and decided to start our trip a little early to shave off some driving time from the final day. It was low-pressure; we left the evening before we planned to with the understanding that once we got tired we would stop, find a hotel, and start again in the morning. This all went pretty well. We got at least five hours of extra drive time in and were able to find a hotel and check in after midnight without issue.

The problem became apparent to my sister and me after we were all settled in and my brother-in-law had fallen asleep.

The problem? The air conditioning was not working in the room. It wasn’t unbearable, just uncomfortable, and we decided that since [Brother-In-Law] was doing the lion’s share of the driving and he was completely out, it wasn’t worth it to go and complain.

The next morning, we told the hotel receptionist about the issue with the room. We weren’t trying to get a discount (especially since we hadn’t given them the opportunity to have us move rooms); we just wanted to let them know so they could fix it before they assigned the room to another guest. 

The receptionist was utterly flabbergasted at this and offered us free ice cream cups as an apology. If it had been some time after 7:00 am, I probably would have said yes!

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