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Keep Those Polynucleotides To Yourself!

, , , | Right | June 3, 2020

My colleague gets a weird request. 

Patron: “Can I request a book, please?”

Colleague: “Yes, what’s the title, please?”

Patron: “[Title].”

Colleague: “Okay.”

My colleague looks at the system catalogue.

Colleague: “We actually have that on the shelf. Would you like me to get it and hold it here for you?”

Patron: “Yes, but I don’t want DNA on it.”

Colleague: “Pardon?”

Patron: “Yes, can you pick it up, but clean it after? I don’t want DNA on it.”

Colleague: “Erm… okay.”

My colleague took the details and hung up, went to get the book in question, cleaned it, and then put it in a plastic bag. Of all the weird things I’ve heard and witnessed, this was a first for me.

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