Keep Narrow-Minded People At Arm’s Length

| USA | Friendly | May 19, 2015

(I am posting on Twitter while watching the reality show ‘The Amazing Race’ with other fans. One racer on the current season is a Christian surfer who lost her left arm to a shark when she was younger. I saw a girl’s comment on Twitter and was compelled to respond.)

Her: “#AmazingRace, please stop showing [Surfer]’s shoulder. Sorry, but we know she is missing her arm and yes she is amazing. #SoulSurfers.”

Me: “You expect the camera guys to make sure every shot is on her right side, just so you don’t have to see her left!?”

Her: “No, I expect at least one shot! EVERY shot of her is her arm. Jesus, not just 20 out of 100. Right now its 90 out of 100. Just saying.”

Me: “As if they know which direction she and [Husband/Teammate] are going to turn, walk, run, move, breathe. What’s the big deal?”

Her: “Deal is EVERYone else. They show their right ALL the time, not her. Sorry, it’s gross. I work with disabled people.”

Me: “If it’s gross to you, find a different line of work. Wouldn’t want someone helping me that thinks as you do.”

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