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Keep It Next To The Striped Paint

| Friendly | August 29, 2016

(In scouting it is common for younger scouts to get hazed. One such jape is the old “skyhook” gag. The newest scout is tasked with getting a “skyhook” from the other troops, so the “smoke shifter” could be set. Of course, neither thing really exists. A young scout arrives from another troop.)

Young Scout: “Do you guys have a skyhook?”

Me: *knowing the joke but playing along* “Skyhook? What’s that?”

Young Scout: “A skyhook. My Scoutmaster sent me over here to get a skyhook, so we can adjust the smoke shifter, and we won’t get smoke in our eyes.”

(My dad, the Scoutmaster, is known as an avid junk collector. He had brought with him a log roller he had found at a flea market. A log roller is a stout handle with a swiveling hook on the end. Most kids born after the 1970s would have no idea what it is.)

Dad: *handing him the log roller* “Just be sure to have it back by sundown.”

(Whoever this kid was, my dad sure made his day. I could only imagine the look on the faces of the other troop when he came running back, log roller held over his head, yelling “I got one! I got one!”)

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