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Keep It Cool And Stay Queens

| Working | May 13, 2017

(My friend has recently driven out to my college with me, which is an hour and a half away from where we live. It’s worth noting my friend is a 6’2” man with a beard and hair down to his mid-back. We stop by a large shopping center while on our trip, and the following exchange happens while checking out.)

Cashier: “That’ll be [price]. Would you like your drink in a bag?”

Friend: “No thank you, ma’am.” *he goes to pay but I hand the cashier money before he can* “[My Name]!”

Me: “It’s my treat, it’s the least I can do since I dragged you out here!”

Friend: “You didn’t drag me anywhere; I’m having fun!”

Cashier: “What did you just say?!”

(I suddenly realize that the cashier, a middle aged woman, is standing there looking absolutely horrified, just holding the money I gave her.)

Friend: “Ma’am?”

Cashier: “Did you just say he’s in drag?!”

Friend: “Excuse me…?”

Cashier: “Her! She just said you’re in drag!” *she backs up a bit, looking all the more appalled*

Me: “What!? I said I dragged him with me!”

Cashier: “Oh! Oh, thank god! I was so worried.” *laughing to herself* “A Hispanic man in drag! That’ll be the day!” *laughs and finishes the transaction like nothing happened while my friend and I exchange glances*

Cashier: “Have a nice day and stay out of drag!”

Friend: “I… Lady, I want to say something to you so badly but I don’t even know where to start. You’re not worth making a scene.”

(Needless to say we left and I never went back to that store again!)

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