Keep Captain Kirk Away From Any Big Red Shirts

, , , , | Working | June 4, 2018

(I am volunteering as a parking and security attendant for an event. One of the parking and security coordinators has the first name Kirk, and the other is a 6’5” redhead. Thus, their call-signs on radio are “Captain Kirk” and “Big Red.” I’m having a conversation with a patron about where to park their car. Apparently, I have knocked my radio’s volume control, and it is now up full-blast. So, in the middle of the conversation, my radio goes off very loudly.)

Radio: “Captain Kirk to Big Red!”

Radio: “This is Big Red.”

Radio: “I’ve got a situation. Meet me at the east entrance port-a-potties.”

Radio: “Copy that, Captain Kirk.”

(The visitor looked at me for a moment, before just bursting out laughing.)

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