Karma’s A Sandwich

| San Angelo, TX, USA | Working | March 14, 2013

(I’m a semi-regular at a sandwich shop near my home. One day, after a wearying day of work, I pop in a little early for dinner. The only employees there are a pair of college-age girls.)

Me: “I’d like a foot-long turkey and ham on wheat, please.”

Employee #1: “Mm-hm. BLT on Italian bread?”

Me: “Um, no. Turkey and ham on wheat.”

Employee #1: “Oh, ok. Would you like that toasted?”

Me: “Sure.”

(Employee #1 finishes putting the correct meat and cheese on the sandwich. She looks confused for a second.)

Employee #1: “You wanted that toasted, right?”

Me: “…Yes. Just said that.”

(Employee #1 looks embarrassed, so I try to give her a reassuring smile as she goes to toast the sandwich. While I’m waiting, Employee #2 goes ahead and takes my payment for the sandwich with no fuss. Employee #1 returns with the sandwich.)

Employee #1: “Toppings?”

Me: “Lettuce, tomato, jalapeño, and bell pepper, please.”

Employee #1: “…Banana pepper?”

Me: “Bell.”

Employee #1: “Okay, sorry about all that. Here is your sandwich.”

Me: “Thanks. And I’ve already paid.”

Employee #2: “No, you haven’t.”

Me: “What? But you just took it…”

(Employee #2 starts giggling.)

Employee #2: “Haha! That was worth it for the look on your face!”

(Both Employees #1 and #2 have a few laughs.)

Me: “Why would you even do that? After the day I’ve been having!”

Employees #1 & #2: “Uh.”

(I start for the door, but turn around and grin.)

Me: “That was worth it for the look on your faces.”

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