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Karma Is Sweeter Than Lemonade

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: L3n777 | October 19, 2021

I once hosted an event in a bar — a kind of celebration for police trainees, new recruits, that kind of thing.

As I was busy slaving away, pouring drinks, etc., this one woman who was absolutely full of herself was watching me pour measures for another customer, making comments about the amount of ice in drinks, how I was using the wrong glass — I wasn’t — and other obnoxious comments about how she was waiting to be served and she was here first — she wasn’t. I was pouring some spirits — for those who don’t know, they come in standard sizes of 25 ml for singles, 50ml for doubles, etc. I reached the end of the bottle as I was pouring the whiskey and there was a tiny drop left, so I just poured those few extra ml into the glass. You shouldn’t really do that, but who cares, right?

The woman got up in my face.

Woman: “It’s technically illegal to pour extra measures. The law is the law, and you should follow the law to the letter!”

I tried to brush it off and ignore her and carried on serving other customers. But there she was, commenting on pretty much everything I was doing, and as everyone who has worked in customer service knows, it’s very annoying to have everything scrutinised and commented on as though you’re nothing but a useless piece of garbage.

It came to the woman’s turn and she asked for an alcoholic beverage. So, using my limited powers, I asked her for her ID. She went bright red in the face and stuttered something about being old enough to be in the police.

Me: “Sorry. If you don’t have ID, I can’t legally serve you. The law is the law, after all.”

Lo and behold, she didn’t have ID and had to settle for lemonade.

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