Karma Comes In Flashes

, , , , | Right | November 17, 2020

My husband and I are on our honeymoon and one of the excursions we decide to do is a cave tour. The tour allows you to take photos but asks for people to refrain from using their flash or to at least wait until set points to use it. However, one woman decides to ignore this and uses her flash the entire time.

Every once in a while, the tour guide will ask her to turn her flash off and the woman nods, but she continues to use it. The rest of the group is starting to get fed up with her since every time her flash goes off, our eyes have to readjust to the darkness. Some of the people groan when she does it and others have also asked her to stop using her flash.

We are all mad at her and she continues to ignore everyone’s protests. She also complains about everything during the tour. As we are nearing the end of the cave, we have to walk across a small bridge with a pool of water probably five feet below us. My husband and I are behind her, and as she reaches across the bridge to take one last photo, her phone slips out of her hand, and SPLASH!

I turn to look at my husband with an amused look and he’s trying not to smile. The rest of the group crosses the bridge and waits for the tour guide while the lady continues to stare down at the pool where her phone is now and starts acting hysterical. 

Lady: “My phone!”

Tour Guide: “What happened?”

Lady: “I dropped my phone! Someone needs to go get it!”

Tour Guide: *Amused as well* “Well, we have to exit the cave now so the other group can come through, and then someone can go get your phone.”

Lady: “But the waterproof case is only good for thirty minutes!”

Tour Guide: “Hopefully someone will be able to go get it before then, but no promises.”

Lady: “I need my phone!”

Tour Guide: “You need to exit the cave, and we’ll talk to the desk so someone can get it, but another group is coming now.”

Upset, the lady walked past the rest of the group. We all said nothing but we were all trying to not laugh.

We later saw her in the gift shop with a soaking wet phone, still freaking out about it.

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