Karen Wants To Wipe The Floor With You

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I work in healthcare and I am running to the store after work. I’m clearly in medical scrubs and, with the current health crisis, everyone is giving me a wide berth. I’m standing in line to get something for the pharmacy counter and a customer and her husband are in front of me. 

Customer: *To her husband* “You put the meat in the cart wrong and now’s it’s dropping blood all over the floor!”

The customer sees me.

Customer:Weeeeeell, are you going to clean this up? What do they pay you for, anyway?!”

I’m just standing there dumbstruck when her husband speaks up.

Customer’s Husband: “I don’t think she works here.”

Customer: “How was I supposed to know that? All workers look the same! If she asked, I bet they’d give her a mop and she could clean it up! It’s not my issue she’s lazy!”

The husband got her to leave, but I was so taken aback that she expected me, who didn’t work there, to clean up her mess.

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