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Kamehamehelp Me!

| Romantic | February 20, 2017

(I work in a very busy cafe in the uptown area and one of our regulars comes in as he does every day. He always hits on my coworker despite her not wanting anything to do with him. He says some very creepy things, but today he goes above and beyond. I am washing dishes in the back and see him come in and immediately head for my coworker.)

Creepy Customer: “Hi, [Coworker], I have a question for you!”

Coworker: *looks resigned as she answers* “Okay, what?”

Creepy Customer: “If I could form an energy ball in my hand, would you touch it?”

Coworker: “What?!”

Creepy Customer: “Would you touch my energy ball?”

(My coworker simply stares at him as he continues.)

Creepy Customer: “Do you watch Dragonball Z? They can make energy balls.”

Coworker: “I don’t know what that is…”

Creepy Customer: “I can make a really powerful energy ball if I wanted to, but I’m tired so I can’t do it. I’ll show you tomorrow if you like.”

Coworker: “…”

Creepy Customer: “The energy ball is called a kamehameha. It’s really awesome.”

(My coworker is looking very awkward and trapped so I call out to her.)

Me: “[Coworker], will you help me with the dishes? They’re really starting to pile up back here.”

Coworker: *to [Creepy Customer]* “Sorry, I gotta go.”

(She proceeds to practically run away to the back as Creepy Customer calls after her.)

Creepy Customer: “Bye, [Coworker]! See you tomorrow! I’ll bring a present for you!”

(Coworker looked at me like she wanted to disappear as he walked out the door. Once he was finally out of sight, she literally let out a breath of relief and thanked me. Tomorrow is apparently going to be interesting.)

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