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Justice On Patrol

| Friendly | May 17, 2017

(Working nights usually has its perks, with the chief among them being I get to avoid dealing with the general public. It’s not that I’m anti-social or anything, but just that I don’t really deal with people well in person. I avoid crowds, and so on. The only real drawback of where I work is that on some days (night for me) I’m exhausted when I get off duty. Also, like most of the people I work with, I carry a backpack. About halfway home, I’m dozing in the back of the train, when the thing starts to slow. Bleary eyed and half awake, I blink, yawn, and look around. I take note of two young ladies who are looking my way and talking in somewhat hushed tones.)

Passenger #1: “Oh, this is going to be fun to watch. It’s a ticket check. Watch that bum.” *pointing to me*

Passenger #2: *pulling out her phone* “I’m going to upload this on [Website]. It’s so sick. I mean his kind shouldn’t even be allowed to be on the streets.”

Passenger #1: “Well, they’re going to get him.”

(The train stops, doors open, and the officers start making the rounds. I lift up my ID badge, flip it over to show my ticket and smile.)

Me: “Hey, [Cop]. How’s the shift going?”

Cop: “Slow. You just getting off?”

(I nod at this and yawn before shrugging.)

Me: “What was your first clue? Me half asleep or the constant yawns?”

(The cop laughs at this and starts to head off, only to have Passenger #2 call him back.)

Passenger #2: “Hey, do the job we f****** pay you for! Get that bum off OUR train!”

Passenger #1: “Yeah, he didn’t pay when he got on.”

(The cop looks back at me, then back over to the girls.)

Cop: “I don’t need to check his ticket.”

Passenger #1: *stands up at this point and starts to get loud* “Don’t need to check his ticket?! Like h*** you don’t! What’s your name, and where’s your supervisor!? I want to file a complaint!”

Cop: “My name is [Cop] and my supervisor is over there.” *pointing at me*

(The girls looked my way, blinked a few times and then stared. I gave a rather wide yawn before smiling at the girls and then getting comfortable again. The rest of the ride home, they kept shooting me rather nervous glances, and kept their mouths shut. I guess they didn’t notice the fact that I was wearing the same uniform as the patrol officers.)

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