Justice Is The Best Medicine

| Learning | December 5, 2013

(I am seriously sick with ovarian cysts. I am in excruciating pain all of the time and can barely eat. I have lost a lot of weight, have a hard time sleeping, and have to go to the hospital for blood tests a lot. On one of the few days I am in school, I have to deal with some rude classmates.)

Classmate #1: “UGH! I can’t believe they let druggies into school!”

Classmate #2: “UGH! I know! They should totally expel them all!”

Classmate #1: “Seriously! They are just druggies and will never be able to pass school, anyway! They shouldn’t be allowed near real people!”

(As Classmate #1 says this, she and Classmate #2 shoot glares in my direction. My teacher shoots them looks but says nothing.)

Classmate #2: “The stupid b**** didn’t even cover her track marks up fully!”

(I had worn arm warmers to try and cover up the needle marks and bruises from a nurse’s failed attempts at giving me an IV that had caused several veins to explode. Several blood tests had been done as well so my arms look pretty mangled. I am shaking in rage and finally lose my temper.)

Me: “I have ovarian cysts you stupid b****! The marks on my arms are from the hospital IV and blood testing! The only drugs I do are painkillers prescribed by a doctor so that I can do more than CURL UP IN A BALL OR WRITHE IN AGONY ALL DAY!”

Teacher: “[My Name]! Sit down, please!”

(The teacher then turns to glare at the two girls.)

Teacher: “If I hear either one of you make another comment about her again I will fail you both and throw you out of this class! She has enough stress to deal with without the both of you making it worse!”

(I sit down, still shaking and on the verge of tears because I am very sensitive about the subject. Both girls huff and sneer after they get over their initial shock but stay quiet. After class the teacher stops me.)

Teacher: “I am sorry that I didn’t speak up sooner. They both have very influential parents in the school for donating money, so my hands are mostly tied. Please let me know if they give you any more problems. I will do my best to deal with them, but I think you did a better job of scaring them than I could.”

(Fortunately, those girls never made comments about me being on drugs again. All I ever had to do was give them a death glare to get them to straighten up. They ended up failing while I passed!)

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