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Just When We Think We’ve Heard Everything

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Recently, [Coworker #1]’s son was sucker-punched and ended up with a concussion. (He has since recovered.) The day after it happened, [Coworker #1] was, of course, worried about him. I reassured her and related a story about my cousin, who was randomly sucker-punched when he was taking trash out to the garbage bin. It was scary; he lost consciousness and came to in a neighbor’s yard. We still don’t know who did it or why, but my cousin did make a full recovery. Hearing that helped [Coworker #1] to be hopeful about her son’s recovery.

As I was explaining what happened to my cousin, a second coworker overheard and butted in.

Coworker #2: “He passed out? Did he get the [health crisis] vaccine? There are so many reports of strange side effects! That’s why I’m not getting it.”

Me: “He’s fully vaccinated, yes — and so are most members of my family. No one’s had a stronger side effect than tiredness and a sore arm. My cousin was randomly jumped and attacked. I really don’t think that’s a side effect of any vaccine.”

She said something about hoping he recovered quickly and dashed off. 

Side effects can happen; anything strong enough to have an effect is strong enough to have a side effect. But grasping at straws for confirmation bias is ridiculous!

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