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Just What The Médecin Ordered

| Learning | September 24, 2014

(My job is to teach the basics of English to six-year-old children who, at best, don’t care about what I say. I happen to be a huge fan of ‘Dr Who,’ and my pencil case is a Tardis replica. Since the show is not really famous in France, it is quite unusual that anyone ever notices it. One afternoon, though, a child who is usually quite unruly approaches me.)

Child: “Your pencil case… It looks like something, but it’s something else…”

Me: “What is it, then?

Child: “The Doctor’s box!”

(I almost gasp out of surprise, and then I regain composure and open my pencil case to show him my sonic screwdriver replica. I turn it on.)

Child: “IT’S REAL!”

(Let’s say we both made each other’s day.)

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