Just Tell ‘Em What They Want To Hear

, , , | Right | August 1, 2008

Me: “Hello, and welcome to [Hotel]. How was the drive up here?”

Wife: “Oh, it was stunning! I have never seen such beautiful trees, and the water, such a pretty color in the lake!”

Husband: “It was a very nice drive indeed.”

Me: “Well, that’s great! We pride ourselves on our natural beauty here in Canada. Can I get your names for your reservation?”

Wife: “Yes, indeed. Here you go.”

(She hands me her confirmation sheet.)

Wife: “Can you tell me, though, how do you get the water in Lake Louise that turquoise color?”

Me: “I’m sorry? What do you mean?”

Wife: “Well, the water is so clear, but it’s green; it looks like the ocean. Do you paint the bottom that color?”

Me: “Oh, no, the water has a green color because of the copper minerals in the water. When they oxidize, that’s why it looks like the ocean.”

Wife: “Oh, that’s crazy! Everybody knows copper is brown like a penny, not green. It’s painted, isn’t it?!”

(I try to explain for quite some time that we don’t dye the water, and that copper is the reason it looks blue-green.)

Wife: “There is no way that its natural! ”

Me: *getting annoyed* “Yes, we drain the lake and paint the bottom of the lake at night.”

Wife: “See? Was it so hard to tell the truth?” *walks away*

My Manager: “You know, I should fire you for that… but I think I would have done the same thing.”

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