Just Take A Deep Breath And Psy

| Working | February 7, 2013

(My dad’s workplace proudly employs people from many different cultures. Considering the wide diversity, it isn’t unusual for them to be curious about each others’ backgrounds. Apparently, they have recently hired some more people.)

New Hire: “Hi, I’m [name]. It’s nice to meet you!”

My Dad: “Hi, I’m [dad’s name]. That’s an interesting name you have; where are you from?”

New Hire: “Sri Lanka. How about you?”

My Dad: “I’m from Korea.”

New Hire: “Korea?! Really?!”

My Dad: “That’s right.”

New Hire: “Does that mean you can do this?”

(He starts dancing like he is riding horseback, or in other words, he’s doing the dance from “Gangnam Style.”)

My Dad: “Well, that was interesting.”

New Hire: “My son loves Psy! He taught me how to dance just like him!”

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