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Just Sleep Through Their Drama

, , , | Friendly | November 29, 2017

(I study until the early morning when I have an approaching deadline for homework assignments. My roommate knows this, and has been okay with my late night studies in the past, since I do it in the study lounge. Usually when I come back into the room, I am as quiet as I can be when opening up our door, but it is a loud door. On one occasion, I come back from studying, and I place my keys in my pocket quietly before quickly opening and shutting the door as quickly and quietly as possible. My roommate stirs in her sleep, so I wait for half a minute before taking off my twenty-pound backpack, so I won’t wake her.)

Roommate: “Hey. Why did you open the door as loudly as possible?”

Me: *too tired to argue* “I didn’t think I did.”

Roommate: “Whatever.”

(I totally understand that she needs sleep, and my coming in early in the morning doesn’t help. However, she has woken me up in the past plenty of times before, and I never mention anything. I just go back to sleep. The funny part of this story is that she purposely made a lot of noise in the morning, hoping that I would wake up. She even didn’t leave for class as early as she usually does, which I’m guessing is because she was hoping that I would get out of bed so that she could yell at me. Joke’s on her; I feigned sleep.)

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