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Just Roll With It

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This story occurred several weeks into the recent quarantine. As an immunocompromised person, I have been taking it very seriously and not coming in contact with anyone except my husband. 

However, I was missing my friends desperately, and in an attempt to do something and show our friends how much we missed them, my husband and I hatched a plan. I baked massive batches of lemon bars. The next day, he drove, and I dropped them off on my friends’ porches unannounced, texting them afterwards to tell them we missed them and left them a present.

All went relatively well on the first few stops, but then we got to our last one.

My friend watched us pull up from outside on her porch, shook her head, and walked inside. 

I jumped out of the truck, dropped the container on her porch, and jumped back into the truck.

My friend then came out of the house, held up a finger to indicate I should wait, and popped back inside. 

I rolled down my window and she came back out of her home holding something. She stood about ten feet away from the truck and lobbed a ziplock bag full of home-baked rolls into our open window. 

Turns out, she’d made plans to drop them at our home and had been getting ready to do exactly that. We just shortened it all by a step.

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